The Total Packaging, Processing and Supply Chain Event


Safe Packaging: New Regulatory Landscape

The Indian consumer market for food and pharma products has been growing rapidly. This has led to an increased demand for packaging materials across the nation. However, many such packaged products fail to comply with product safety and regulatory norms and thereby pose severe risks to consumer health and wellness. This is because the packaging materials may contain components that are capable of getting transferred to the product being packed.

The primary role of packaging material is to safeguard the product from physical, chemical or microbial contamination. However, the potential risk of the packaging material as a source of chemical contamination is often over looked. The source of such contamination can be the substrate or inks or adhesive etc. Hence, for achieving total product safety it is necessary for all partners of the packaging material supply chain to deliver an integrated, risk-free solution.

To achieve the objective of Product Safety the final printed package, in every case, needs to comply with a set of Regulatory & Compliance Standards that will minimise brand owner liability and maximise consumer safety. This subject directly affects the health and well-being of each and every consumer as packaged products have become an essential part of our daily lives.