Xtreme Cooler

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Company Description:
Xtreme Cooler is military grade ductable industrial & commercial high performance evaporative air cooling systems. The delivered air is cool & 100% fresh, at much lower cost than refrigerated cooling methods or traditional Air Washers. Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the only viable option for cooling large sheds & factories or at places where extreme heat/fumes/chemical/smell is generating. Xtreme Cooler would create positive pressure with pleasant inside building temperature, thus resulting in high productivity & better working conditions for workers
Fully automatic with highest quality components & parts with life expectancy of 25 years without maintenance fuzz and 5 years warranty.
Product on Display:
Evaporative Cooler Models:
Specially designed axial fan with large airflow, low noise and energy saving design. High quality aluminum housing motor and efficient cooling pads with large evaporation capacity and good cooling efficiency.
X5: 30,000 CMH suitable for 35,000 Cu.Ft. area
X3: 18,000 CMH suitable for 21,000 Cu.Ft. area

Exhaust Fan Models:
Thick & corrosion resistant one piece design with SMC housing. Direct drive fan with 6 wings well balanced blade for no drive loss and high efficiency. Unique PVC shutter design louver resistant with preventing back draft.
F50: 58 inch housing with 50” blade, 48,000 CMH
F38: 42 inch housing with 38” blade, 28,000 CMH
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C-57, Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1, New Delhi 110020 Delhi