N R Industries

Stall No:  12A.146

Company Description:
N.R.Industries First Manufacture of Ink-Mixing Roller in India. We are manufacturing
1) Ink-Mixing Roller
2) Lamella Doctor Blade
3) Air Shaft
4) Multi Bladder Shaft
5) Differential Shaft
6) AIr Chuck
7) Safety Chuck
8) Ball Lock
9) Quick Lock
10) Rotary Joints
11) Printing Machine Cylinder Shaft
12) Idle Roller
13) Pouching Machine Tools
14) Puoching Die-Punch
15) Spare for Air SHaft includes Air Nozzle, Rubber Tube & other.
16) All Spare Parts for Printing Packaging machines includes Gear, Shaft, Cones, Chucknuts & other as per sample & drawing.

We also doing repairing for all type of Air Shaft & Rotary Joints of any make.
Product on Display:
1) Lamella Doctor Blade
2) Ink Mixing Roller
3) Lug Type Air Shaft
4) Leaf Type Air Shaft
5) Multi Bladder Air Shaft
6) Differential Shaft
7) Rotary Joint
8) Air Chuck
9) Spares Parts
Located at:
B-75, Sec-10, Noida-201301, U.P.