Kiran Consultant (P) Ltd. / Flexibiz ERP

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Company Description:
Software Solution providers to Packaging Industry since 1988. Based at Delhi.
Product on Display:
ERP and CRM Solution for Packaging Industry fit for Flexibles, Labels, Cartons, Wovens etc Since 1988 having UFLEX, Manjushree, Marudhara Group among few of many clients. Our ERP Solution is Industry specific. The Solution covers all processes from pre-sales to post-sales.

ERP Coverage:

1. Material Management - Stores, purchase, QC, vendor management, Stock Blocking
2. Production, PPC, QC
3. Scheduling of jobs
4. Plant Maintenance
5. Cylinder/Plate handling
6. Sales order processing - dispatch, Sales MIS
7. Trouble Tickets - after sales customer support
8. Accounts, Finance, Taxation

CRM Pre & Post-Sales Coverage:

1. Enquiry and Leads Management
2. Job Cost Estimation based on Job Structure
3. Quotations, Amendments, Follow-up Tracking
4. Account ownership and security - Sales Rep wise
5. Marketing Rep/Team performance analysis, Value Additions
6. Sales Target, Sales Projections
7. Marketing Mail campaigns Industry Segment/Zone wise
8. Central Data Repository - Files/Images/Flyers/Price Lists
9. Payment Collection by Marketing Rep
10. Customer complaints service tickets

Solution supports multi plant working, EASY TO USE. CLOUD Hosting possible. Access thru Desktops, Mobile and tablets. Mobile app for Android and iPhone users.
Proper documentation of production processes, order status, lots tracking, QC of intermediate lots leads to better client satisfaction.
Located at:
A-89, Sector-58, Noida