Chemline India Ltd

Stall No:  10.22

Company Description:
CHEMLINE established in 1990, manufactures complete range of world class Adhesives and Coatings for Paper-Printing, Packaging and Converting Industry, Flexible Packaging Industry, Hygiene Industry, Labeling Adhesives for Breweries, Distilleries and Pharma Industries & specialized Hot Melt Adhesives for vast range of applications.
CHEMLINE is exporting into more than 30 countries across the world.
CHEMLINE has fully equipped modern laboratories; separate laboratories are there for Quality Control, Product Applications and their Testing.
Certified as ISO 9001-2008, 14001 & 18001 Company, quality is of utmost importance to CHEMLINE. The motto of CHEMLINE is 'Progress through Innovation'.

We develop new products, maintain its quality and are always eager to upgrade them. We also provide customized products to suit the need of the customers. We work very closely with them, providing strong after sales technical support. Customer's satisfaction is held above everything else.

Product Display:
1. Hot melt Adhesive
2. Cold Glue Adhesive
3. Coatings and Varnishes
Product on Display:
Product Details:

1. Speciality Hotmelt Adhesives for Carton & Case Sealing, Pet Bottle Labeling, Ice Cream & Frozen Foods, Hygiene, WPP Bags, Head & Tail Lamps Assembly for Automotive, Automotive Interior Assembly, Air Filters, Anti-Skid, Carpet Back Coating, Shoe fabric Lamination , Edge Banding for Wood Industry, Mattress Assembly. Hotmelt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Tapes, Labels, Holograms, Courier Bags etc.

2. Hotmelt Cool Bind Series for Perfect Book Binding.

3. Labeling Adhesives for Breweries, Distilleries, & Pharma Industry.

4. UV Varnishes & Coatings.

5. Water Based Lamination Adhesives.
Located at:
F-1, Sarda Chamber-1, Central Market, Prashant Vihar, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 Delhi India