Explore India Packaging

Stall No:  12.100

Company Description:
Explore India Packaging offers complete range of Bag / Pouch Making Machines starting from basic side seal Bag Machines to high Speed Zipper & Stand-up Pouch Making Machines.Our ability to offer complete solutions for various value added applications in Bag making / Pouch Making has always made us supplier of choice in Global market. our Product range includes :
# Three side seal, Zipper & Stand-up Pouch Making Machine
# High Speed Three Side Seal, Zipper, Stand-up & Reusable Pouch Making
# Center Seal Gusset, Center Strip Lip Seal & Five Side Seal Pouch Making
# Woven Fabric Glueing Over Lap Center Seal & Gusset Pouch Making
# Three Side Seal & Folded Side Seal Pouch Making Machine
# Manual Spout Sealing Machine & Round Corner Cutting Machine
# Band Sealer Machine & Pneumatic Sealer Machine
# Shape Pouch Machine
Product on Display:
Explore will be launching Innovative and Unique ES-1000SA High Speed Zipper and Stand Up pouch Making Machine.
Located at:
Plot No-1, UK Extn-1, Ecotech-III,
Graeter Noida-201306(U.P)