Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.  - China

Stall No:  10.60

Company Description:
Labthink is a global enterprise that provides quality control solutions for packaging manufacturers, food and beverage producers, medical and pharmaceutical companies, and daily chemical and printing industries. Labthink's core businesses include the R&D of laboratory testing instruments, packaging testing and test data processing services.
Labthink is devoted to helping customers succeed, employees grow and brands gain respect. The headquarters of Labthink is in Jinan, China; its international headquarters is in Boston, USA; and its SAC IT Center is in Hong Kong, China. The company has more than 50 international distributors and more than 30 international service providers.
Product on Display:
Labthink will display Packaging Material Quality Testing Machines at the exhibition.
Located at:
No.144 Wuyingshan Rd., Jinan 250031 Jinan China