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Company Description:
Unilux continues to expand its cost-effective stroboscopic inspection solutions for the converting industry. The company’s new and growing family of LED surface inspection strobe lights and established family of Xenon-based strobe lights provide a globally proven inspection solution for any application. Only Unilux has such an extensive product line of both stroboscopic technologies, giving you the best combination of cost-efficiency, reliability and inspection capability for every production run.

Since its beginning in 1962, Unilux has continued to refine and upgrade its existing strobe lights and develop new technologies to ensure maximum reliability, safety and inspection capability. Unilux uses strobe lights to “freeze” images of printed material running at full production speed. By coordinating our lights with the latest printing technologies and techniques, press and equipment operators are able to see smaller defects faster and in more detail to increase yield and customer satisfaction.

Unilux engineers keep our strobe lights at the forefront of technology by integrating the latest smart controller technologies into new and existing products. This enables you to incorporate user-friendly Unilux inspection systems into fast-paced production lines more successfully and cost-effectively for a faster, greater ROI (return on investment).
Product on Display:
LED Technology
Unilux LED strobe lights are the next generation of inspection lighting and your connection to exciting new capabilities. Their softer, more uniform light patterns make them ideal for inspecting highly reflective surfaces, such as foils, without hotspots.

Unilux LEDs deliver:
• Long-term operation – LEDs can operate up to 100,000 hours. Depending on your usage patterns, operating life can easily exceed five to eight years.
• Illumination without the worry of lamp replacement and downtime – Even if a few LEDs in a module fail, you will have ample light to inspect your product normally until you replace the LEDs.
• Flash range of 300 to 50,000 flashes per minute – Sync your flash rate with pulse contact and rotary encoder signals and adjust the pulse width to match your press run’s needs.
• Field Expandability – Simply attach Unilux LED strobe units to each other to increase coverage across wider webs. Their uniform lighting eliminates hotspots and visual gaps in highly reflective materials.
• Smaller footprint – LEDs’ compact size and lighter weight put more power in a smaller package, giving you more close-in mounting options for increased inspection capability.
• Spot and Flood light patterns – Focus light where it’s needed with an exact flash rate and pulse width for specific inspection needs or for troubleshooting and routine maintenance.
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