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Paperinpack is the leading monthly magazine on Packaging, Printing, Paper and Allied Industries.
The 30+ year-old magazine, under a new professional management, has brought in renewed focus on the emerging sectors. It is reinventing itself to serve the sectoral players in comprehensive and unique ways. For example, recently it has partnered with leading online player to provide effective online promotional support to companies – Not only in print but also online.
Besides having its page on facebook, lately, Paperinpack has embraced the social and digital platforms in a big way. The magazine’s version is available on digital format. More importantly, it has launched weekly e-magazines to give the special attention they deserve. The six e-magazines serve both Packaging (Corrugated, Plastics, Food & Beverages) and Printing (Offset, Digital, Pre/Press/Post)
Under a new management, the magazine is reaching out to the entire gamut of packaging industry by covering segments like paper, corrugated, plastics, glass, metal along with its allied segments like paper printing, adhesives, inks etc.
Its new feature pages like Buyers Guide, R&D Reports, are hit with its readers as well as advertisers.
The magazine offers more value for money not only to its advertisers but also to its subscribers.
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