Advertising, Branding and Sponsorship Opportunities

PackPlus brings you an opportunity to promote your brand on an exclusive platform. Various budget friendly options from advertising, branding and sponsorships will give your brand maximum reach and exposure. 

Who is Exhibiting?

PackPlus covers almost everything related to packaging. It covers wide spectrum of segments from:

Webinar recording: Advancement in Hybrid Printing – Ease of Printing for Rigid and Flexibles

Webinar Partner - HP

Webinar recording: Advancements in CI Flexo Technologies, Extrusion Coating & Lamination machine - The India Story

Webinar Partner - UFLEX

Webinar recording 18 Sept Brand Protection: Anti Counterfeit Packaging and Technologies

Webinar recording 4 Sept

A Great Debate on Sustainable Packaging Lifecycle

Webinar recording 21 Aug

Traceability to Credible Traceability - Supply Chain digitization is sufficient?

Webinar recording 24 July

Labels – Connecting Consumer Aspirations

Webinar recording 24 June

Digital packaging creating brand new opportunities

Webinar recording 22 May

Topic: Bringing sustainability & innovation in packaging post lockdown

Webinar recording 28 April

Topic: Packaging: A guardian of public health & essential lifeline of economy

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